Q. When will the schedule be released?

A. The initial schedule will be released on November 20th. There will be the opportunity to make change requests following the initial release. We will send instructions after the initial schedule release. The final schedule will be released on November 22nd.


Q. When will the rosters freeze?

A. Rosters will freeze on November 25th and no more changes can be made on your event roster.


Q. How do we generate our tournament roster?

A. How To Generate A GotSoccer Event Roster Instructions

Q. What Check In Documents do we need to submit? 

A. CLICK HERE for the list of check in documents


Q. How do we upload our Check In Documents?

A. How To Upload Required Check In Documentation Instructions

Q. When is the deadline to upload Check In Documents?

A. Please upload all required check in documents by November 20th. This will give us time to work with teams who have issues and need to fix their documents.


Q. Can we mix USYS paperwork and US Club paperwork?

A. No


Q. What is the difference between a CPP and Guest Player?

A. A Club Pass Player (CPP) is a player who plays for your same club but just on a different team. CPP players do NOT need guest player paperwork and should be able to be pulled over in GotSoccer. A Guest Player is someone who plays for a different club. Guest players must have a signed NTX Guest Player Release Form or US Club Loan Form or whatever documentation your state requires for guest players. They must also register for the event via this Guest Player Link and then they will become eligible to add to your roster once your team is assigned a flight.


Q. How do you add a guest player to the GotSoccer event roster?

A. How To Add A Guest Player To GotSoccer Instructions

Q. How does a player register as a guest player for the event?

A. How To Register As A Guest Player Instructions

Q. What are the tournaments Covid Policy’s?

A. Covid Policy Link

Q. How do we change our payment method for the event?

A.  In order to change your payment method, please email Melissa Schwartz with your team name and preferred method of payment.


Q. Can we submit a schedule request?

A. Yes, please CLICK HERE to submit a schedule request and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Deadline to submit for schedule requests is November 16th.


Q. Do we need to print a game card for each game?

A. Yes, teams will print Game Cards for all of their group/showcase games. How To Print Game Cards in GotSoccer Teams should turn in Game Cards at Headquarters so the tournament can have documentation to verify reported scores. The tournament will print all Semi-Finals and Finals game cards.


Q. How do we report our game score?

A. Teams will phone in their scores through GotSoccer within 1 hour of the final whistle. The phone in number, Event ID, Pin and Game Number are listed on the game card. Here they are below for your convenience:

·      Phone In - 904-758-0875

·      Event ID 80778

·      Pin – 2222

·      Game Number – Shown on game card above the Away team name