Texas Cup Showcase & Tournament

November 27-29, 2020


Our priority is the health and safety of all Texas Cup Showcase & Tournament event participants. All Texas Cup Showcase & Tournament staff, officials, players, coaches, and spectators will follow guidelines as detailed by the state of Texas and local health officials. All state required guidelines will be followed regarding youth sports operators and confirmed COVID-19 positive cases. Please reference current state guidelines HERE

• All staff are trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.

• Staff are screened daily for any of the following signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19, and symptomatic individuals are not permitted onsite. 

* Cough

* Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing

* Chills

* Repeated shaking with chills

* Muscle pain

* Headache

* Sore throat

* Loss of taste or smell

* Diarrhea

* Feverish/measured temperature ≥ 100° F

* Known contact with confirmed COVID-19 positive person 

 Game-day prevention procedures: 

 A team representative must be dedicated to ensuring all health protocols are being successfully implemented and followed and they will be responsible for your team’s compliance. Individuals that do not comply with these policies will receive a verbal warning and further non-compliance will result in removal from the complex. 

1. Teams will be required to submit a liability waiver prior to play. 

2. To comply with social distancing mandates, we recommend one spectator per player. Spectators should maintain at least 6 feet social distancing from individuals not within the spectator’s group. 

3. Masks for spectators are required when social distancing of 6ft is not possible. The only exemptions will be those circumstances allowed per the most recent Texas Governor’s Executive Order. 

4. If social distancing is not being enforced by the Team Manager / Coach, the sideline will be required to leave the fields. Multiple violations could result in expulsion from the event. 

5. High-risk individuals, such as those with preexisting health conditions or age 65 and older, are encouraged to stay home. Remind participants, parents, and guardians of the enhanced risks of participants being in direct contact with these high-risk individuals for 14 days after participating in the youth sporting event or practice. 

6. All participants and spectators are to maintain at least 6 feet from the officials and sidelines. 

7. All participants and spectators are responsible for their own PPE (masks, sanitizer, and disinfectants.) 

8. Player benches will not be provided to prevent cross-contamination. All participants and spectators are responsible for providing and disinfecting their own seating. Where benches or permanent structures are unable to be moved, it is recommended you use your own seating or disinfect any permanent structure before use. 

9. Players will be on one side of the field and spectators on the other. Please have spectators stay on the same half of the field as the team they are a spectator for (directly across). This will help us to limit the interaction between teams and help us to stay safe. 

10. We have added additional time between games to ensure players and spectators can exit the complex prior to the next game commencing. Do not arrive onsite more than 45 minutes before your game time. Do not warm up in areas where you are unable to socially distance yourselves from other teams or individuals outside of your spectator group. The incoming teams/spectators should not arrive at the field until the previous teams have left. Forego pre/post-game handshakes and any contact celebrations. Immediately leave the field when your game is over to allow the incoming teams/spectators to take the field. Exit quickly and hold team meetings outside the complex. 

11. If a player needs non-emergency assistance from an athletic trainer, a mask is required. Trainers will screen players per their protocols. 

12. Every adult who is responsible for providing care for youth in these settings must be aware of these facts and be willing to comply with the infection control measures that will be in place in these settings. Parents should monitor the health of their children and not send them to participate in sporting activities if they exhibit any symptom of COVID-19. They should seek COVID-19 testing promptly, and report results to the program given the implications for other children, families, and staff. 

13. Do not share water or snacks, stay hydrated and healthy, pre-screen your family members and stay home if you are sick, arrive and stay on location for your scheduled games only. 

If you have attended our event and recently tested positive (within 10 days of the event) for COVID-19, it is your responsibility to notify us to prevent further spread. As a result of COVID-19 positive reporting: 

Teams with a COVID-19 positive case will be withdrawn from the tournament. Refunds will be determined on a case-by-case basis